The Chicas have Landed...

An amazing women's fashion brand founded here in Toronto featuring some of the most exclusive designers sold in the U.S. and only sold at Cloakroom in Canada! No need to drive to Buffalo and head to Bloomies or Nordstroms for your favorite brands- Cloakroom has brought them to Toronto and online to Canada! Some of the most unique and blogger adored LA and Australian names are also debuting their line to Canada at Cloakroom.

We want you to be a head turned. To be that girl on the street that everyone asks you, "Where'd you get your cutout printed leather mixed funky colored mini dress? I love it!"

No more paying for 2 bills when you shop online in the U.S. Cloakroom takes care of all those costs for you!

We hope you love unique fashion as much as we do. Send us feedback we love hearing what you love, what you don't, what brands you wished you could buy here in Canada!

Lots of Good ol' North of the Border Love,
Los Chicas

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