3 Ways to Wear a Romper (or Jumper)


It's that season again!
Time to bust out your rompers or jumpers and re-invent them. We love these one-pieces because they are a complete outfit. No need to mix and match, just throw it on and accessorize. We want to shout out to our fav Chica Nina Eksir for requesting some tips on wearing this great style!

Here are, our 3 favorite ways to wear your one-piece:

It can be tricky to wear a romper to work. Sometimes they're too short, too low, a little clingy... All which can be inappropriate for the office. Firstly, we recommend buying rompers that have longer legs to them, so when you stand, no cheek showing! Always sit down in the fitting rooms when you're trying on a romper to check to see the shortness.

To style your romper for work, always add a great blazer or chic sweater. If your workplace is more conservative, wear a pair of opaque tights underneath.


The easiest way to wear a romper is for everyday! Pair with a great pair of strappy sandals in the summer & cute booties in the fall, add a crossbody purse and you're good to go.

Want to go for a blogger look? Throw on a white T under your romper and a pair of Adidas and be prepared to turn heads!

The newest trend over the past 2 years has been wearing these one-pieces to events. We love a great romper for a wedding, shower, or other. Because it's such a new trend, it can be scary to opt for a romper or jumper when you've got your go-to cocktail dresses screaming at you! But we guarantee you'll be the hit of the party in a great one-piece.

Pick a one-piece that is woven (not knitted) for a more elevated look, pair it with a high pair of heels and delicate jewelry and you're done!

Want to know more? Send us an email or stop by: We LOVE talking how to style something and would be happy to help out!

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