3 Ways to Wear a Romper (or Jumper)


It's that season again!
Time to bust out your rompers or jumpers and re-invent them. We love these one-pieces because they are a complete outfit. No need to mix and match, just throw it on and accessorize. We want to shout out to our fav Chica Nina Eksir for requesting some tips on wearing this great style!

Here are, our 3 favorite ways to wear your one-piece:

It can be tricky to wear a romper to work. Sometimes they're too short, too low, a little clingy... All which can be inappropriate for the office. Firstly, we recommend buying rompers that have longer legs to them, so when you stand, no cheek showing! Always sit down in the fitting rooms when you're trying on a romper to check to see the shortness.

To style your romper for work, always add a great blazer or chic sweater. If your workplace is more conservative, wear a pair of opaque tights underneath.


The easiest way to wear a romper is for everyday! Pair with a great pair of strappy sandals in the summer & cute booties in the fall, add a crossbody purse and you're good to go.

Want to go for a blogger look? Throw on a white T under your romper and a pair of Adidas and be prepared to turn heads!

The newest trend over the past 2 years has been wearing these one-pieces to events. We love a great romper for a wedding, shower, or other. Because it's such a new trend, it can be scary to opt for a romper or jumper when you've got your go-to cocktail dresses screaming at you! But we guarantee you'll be the hit of the party in a great one-piece.

Pick a one-piece that is woven (not knitted) for a more elevated look, pair it with a high pair of heels and delicate jewelry and you're done!

Want to know more? Send us an email or stop by: We LOVE talking how to style something and would be happy to help out!

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5 Fall Trends You Need Now

Fall is everyone's favourite fashion season. Hands down. From Vogue's 600 page issue to the crisp weather, we're practically begging for summer to end. Tired of the barely there shorts and crop tops. It's like a new beginning, a chance to wash away summer's faux pas and re-invent yourself. We've waited months for the feather stoles, patent leather shoe booties, and fringe everything. 



     We want all of it! But let's get real, not all of us can pull off denim culottes. 


So let's get down to the essentials. These are the 5 Fall Basics every girl needs to carry her through the next season.


                           An impeccably cool jacket:


                           Dex Plaid Waterfall Jacket $115         Glamorous Navy Suede Jacket $165

A jacket automatically makes you look put together. You could be wearing jeans and a t-shirt and if you throw on a tailored jacket you instantly look like you have your shit together.


                                  Leather It Bag:

  Opelle Baby Ballet Bag $380        Opelle Liria Bag $420          Opelle Lotus Bag $480

Sleek and chic a quality leather bag completes your look while allowing you to keep organized. Try a carry all crossbody that has room for a laptop, book, and whatever else you may need to get you through your busy work day.


               Denim skirt to take you everywhere:


                                                             Glamorous Button Down Denim Skirt $75

The new It skirt. A denim or suede button down skirt is the new Fall must-have. Wear it casually to brunch with your friends or create a more tailored look with a tucked in blouse and heels for the office.


                                   The Fall Maxi: 


                                                    MinkPink Pretty Poppies Maxi $135

Free-flowing and printed, we don't have to say good-bye to all our favourite summer trends. The winterized maxi is here with darker colours, subdued prints, and sleeves. Why shimmy into tight jeans and fitted blazer when you can throw this maxi on and walk out the door?


                           The Fall Accent Piece:


                                        Lovely Bird Fedoras and Floppy Hats. All $150

The final but most important piece. The wool hat. Floppy or fedora, find the fit for you head and you will take your look to the next level. 

And if you could combine all these essentials. You've got it down.

All merchandise available in store. 

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Not Your Big Yellow Rainboots

Tis the season...of unpredictability. Everyone in this city knows that Toronto weather is a s*** show. There are those days where it starts off sunny and gorgeous and by mid afternoon it's a full on torrential downpour.

So picture this. You wake up, put on a fab outfit, ready to start the day, and just as you step out the door, there's doom and gloom awaiting. Great. Now you have to ruin a perfectly good outfit by throwing on those clunky yellow boots and that hideous rain jacket you keep in the back of your closet. Dread sets in. Maybe I can take them off 5 minutes before I get in to the office. I can run the last block right? Ugh. Why can't I live in Burberry ad?

Days like these a fashionista needs to be prepared. And why should you compromise style for comfort? You shouldn't.

Here are every girls style guide to keeping dry without the big yellow rainboots.


     Dav Short Rubber Boots $95                     The Anorak $145                               Plaid Scarf $42




Don't be this chick 


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